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The Power of the Moon

The moon phases play a very prominent and important role in the successful casting of witchcraft spells although this little known fact is always guaranteed to certainly raise eyebrows and serious doubt and skepticism on the part of novices and non-believers alike who suspect that a practical joke is being played on them.

Nothing could be further from the truth and indeed, the moon is integral to the Wiccan belief system and is crucial not only in the casting of moon magic spells but indeed many other types of witchcraft spells as well.

Indeed, if you are interested in joining and becoming an active member in the Wicca religion then you are going to have to become confident and more proficient in the function of the moon in the moon magic spells as well as the various patterns it takes.

Understanding the Different Phases of the Moon

Broadly speaking, and at the risk of grossly over simplifying the whole process to such an extent that we end up missing out on some very important details, Wicca rituals are typically performed during certain types of phases that the moon goes through. Specifically, these are as follows:

  • Waxing Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Waning Moon
  • New Moon
  • Dark Moon

Please note that different types of witchcraft spells are best performed under each of these different phases of the moon and so on that basis then, you will need to precisely time when you plan to actually cast your spell so that it coincides with the proper phase.

While working with spells, it is necessary to understand the various moon phases that can influence your magic.

Full Moon

When the moon is at its peak and is full in the sky, this is the ideal time for healing spells and spells which are designed to provide either the spell caster or some other target with a measure of protection from harm.

The phase of the Full Moon is considered to be the best time to give the full strength of the moon to any object of your desire. Thus, you can use spells to charge crystals, instruments, and any other objects. Spells can also be used for healing purposes at this time.

Waning Moon

When the moon is ebbing away and therefore waning, this is the type for purification and cleansing and so if you wish to banish misfortune or bad luck, carry out divination tasks or banish evil spirits then this is the most suitable time to do so. Make sure that you take full advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to you!

This is the best phase to get rid of all the negativities in your life, and the strength of the waning moon will help your spells put things in the right places.

Waxing Moon

This phase holds great amounts of strength and energy, so performing spells at this time can add extra strength and spirit to any of your ongoing endeavors and abilities.

Dark moon

This phase of the glorious moon illustrates the entire pattern of the past, present and the future, and you can use the spells for recreation and self improvement.

New Moon

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, and if you are looking to cast spells to achieve new things in your life, like a new project or a new love interest, this is the best time to do so. Please be aware that the run up to a new moon is a very volatile and chaotic time and as such then it is an extremely foolish not to mention dangerous and risky to try and attempt to cast any spells on your own during that time. Specifically, the three days immediately prior to the crowning of a new moon (which is known as the Dark of the Moon) is the worst time for beginners to try spell casting.

Despite such a stern and strongly worded warning, many novices, eager to cast moon magic spells seek to push their luck and disregard the evidence presented to them against such a foolish course of action. Please do not be tempted to do this. Let a professional do the task for you if they are that critical that they cannot wait?

Moon Magic and Witchcraft

Moon magic has been an integral part of witchcraft since ancient times, and witches perform several spells to draw the powers of the Moon. It is traditionally considered to be intrinsically associated with women and fertility. Three things hold importance while casting moon magic spells: the time, the components, and the ritual. The time here signifies the particular phase of the moon. Components may include anything, pertaining to the goal of performing moon magic, and the ritual represents age-old pagan traditions.


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